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Esthetic dental restorations
Beautyveneers instead of crowns

Beautyveneers provide esthetic enhancement without the need of extensive grinding of tooth material.

What is Cerec®?
Cerec® is a sophisticated, computer-based treatment system for the 21st century. It is one of the most advanced products in world dentistry.

Key benefits

  • Single visit – The complete treatment from preparation to fit
  • Tooth coloured – Colour matched ceramic blocks are use
  • Minimal tooth removal – Design conserves natural tooth structure
  • Fracture resistant – Milled ceramic blocks are harder than conventional inlays
  • No Temporaries – You do not walk around with these in your mouth for two weeks
  • Biocompatible – Minimal irritation to the gums
  • Simulates natural Enamel
  • Kind to teeth

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