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The team of the German Dental Centre is always proud to present you the latest and most advanced techniques and trends in esthetic dentistry.

This month we would like to cover the topic of non-invasive (prep-less) veneers to design bright and natural smiles without touching the integrity of your teeth more than absolutely necessary.
The experts of the world leading brand Lumineers develops so-called prep-less veneers based on scanned data from the patient’s original smile. The idea and main advantage is that these computer-aided designed veneerscan be fitted to your existing teeth without the need to drill or grind them down. However some cases still require minimal-invasive preparation of the teeth to deal with severe discolorations or misplaced teeth.

Although only measuring about 0.3mm in thickness Lumineers might initially be perceived as making the teeth a little bit thicker especially at the gum margin. However our well-trained dentists at the German Dental Centre will make sure that before you leave the office all restorative margins are perfectly smooth and blend imperceptibly with your teeth.

If you are interested inLumineers or for further questions regarding your smile please feel free to ask your treating physician at the German Dental Centre any time.