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Our Concept, Our Philosophy as Leading Dentistry Providers in the Doha Community of Dentists

Minimal invasive, tooth-friendly, conservative at the same time preventive dentistry is our motto and philosophy in practicing as dentists and specialists in Doha.

This starts with the Restorative, Conservative Department under the supervision of our Prosthodontist Specialist, Dr. Burak Gokdeniz, goes over to the Endodontics/ Root Canal Department under the supervision of Dr. Sven Hasse.

The conservative and meticulous tissue and bone preservative concept is carried on further in the Oral Surgery Department under the supervision of Dr. Manfred Laatz.

The Orthodontics Department, led mainly by Dr. Hana Hasse has the target of levelling and aligning, early treatment and last but not least non-extraction philosophy that is dear to our hearts and the hearts of the caring and concerned mothers.

There are many ways to avoid a non-reversible procedure such as pulling out a tooth. The tips will be disclosed to you from our team, the leading dentists and specialists in Doha, Qatar.